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"I've always believed that great businesses start with "WHY" and great people are driven by purpose. It was by this truth that I personally understood the meaning of success for my life. True success is achieved when one can harness the ability to impact people's lives in a positive way."

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The POP ( The Power of Personality )

How to discover the power of your personality and infuse it into your brand!

Every business, every brand and every entrepreneur is on the hunt to find a unique product or service that is perceived as valuable in that they can offer to the marketplace. However, in pursuit of "something unique" many brands and people ignore their own unique personalities, characteristics, point of view and overall style in the process. This is a HUGE missed opportunity...

In this high-energy presentation, Award-winning founder and customer experience expert Daniel Lewis takes the audience on a human-centric journey of discovering the unique value of our personality and more importantly how to infuse it in our businesses in order to stand out and leave a spectacular mark in our industry.


• Cultivate a "Child-Like" approach to their marketing & advertising

• Learn to identify and utilize customization and personalization in all aspects of their customer's experience

• Become better recruiters for their organizations and design a more tailored standard of success for their teams.


How to ROCKET LAUNCH your customer experience & your team at the same time!

How to take the Customer's Experience to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! In this presentation, I introduce a 5 step framework (E-I-E-I-O)

Empowerment - Inspiration - Enablement - Intelligence - OMG! (the wow factor)

E-I-E-I-O is a framework that will teach us how to impact and improve the customer's experience by elevating our culture and improving the atmosphere for our people first. Guess what EMPOWERED, INSPIRED & well cared for employees do for our customers...? That's right, they create a freaking awesome experience for customers as a reflection of the culture they have been immersed in.


• Learn how to strategically prioritize 'People over Policy' and remove barriers to employee excellence

• Learn how to authentically cultivate a magnetic and positive corporate culture for your organization

• Learn how to Master the Art of creating WOW! moments for your customers


Building empathy & resilience for authentic & effective leadership

Effective leaders understand that "Kindness is Key” better known as the "KIK" principle. Join international speaker and motivational storyteller Daniel Lewis for "The Leadership 'Kik' Start" to take your leadership skills to the next level.

Learn how empathy and resilience are important for building strong and inspiring leadership through interactive exercises and engaging discussions.

We'll dive into real-world examples, interactive exercises, and engaging discussions to help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

You'll leave feeling motivated, energized, and ready to put your new skills into action!

Unleash your inner leader and ‘KIK’-start your journey to the greatness within this exciting presentation.


· Connect with others on a deeper level

· Respond to challenges with grace and courage

· Cultivate the kind of energy and enthusiasm that inspires others to follow your lead

· LEARN HOW TO FLY! Ok… Not really, but you get the point

Unlocking the Secrets to a Workplace Revolution:

Creating a Magnetic Work Culture in 2023!

Do you want to know the secrets to create a positive work culture that your employees will love?

Are you ready to join the 2023 workplace revolution and make your organization the best it can be?

Then join Daniel Lewis - Award-winning founder and Motivational Storyteller - for an exciting keynote presentation!

Together we'll explore the exciting future of work and how game-changing companies are revolutionizing workplace culture by offering freedom, flexibility, and collaboration.

You'll discover the benefits of having a positive work culture, including increased productivity, employee satisfaction, loyalty, and attracting top talent. But that's not all, Daniel will share actionable tips on how to create a positive work culture in your organization.

3 Major Takeaways

• Cultivate an atmosphere of authenticity that empowers creativity

• Foster an environment of trust, respect, and collaboration that will unlock greater potential for your business.

• Strike the perfect balance between people and policy throughout your organization.


weird as waldo

creative marketing 101

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How? - He Went from Troubled Rapper to

Award Winning Entrepreneur

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Inspiring Quotes for the everyday entrepreneur

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The Wise Barista

11 Secret Truths to living an enriched life


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Nora Cottrill

Project Coordinator -

Scadding Court Community Centre

We recently had Daniel Lewis deliver an e-commerce/marketing workshop for our entrepreneur clients. Daniel created an informative and entertaining presentation that was a highlight for the cohort. He brings incredible energy, well prepared content, and first-hand knowledge as a successful entrepreneur!

Todd Letts


Brampton Board of Trade

Daniel is the real deal. For more than 5 years now, I've seen Daniel in action as a successful online and storefront retailer; a thoughtful community advocate and as a dynamic corporate speaker. He never disappoints. This guy is authentic, customer-centric and brings relevant, impactful advice and stories to every meeting. If you need a conference speaker or a marketing consultant - you can't go wrong with Daniel. Your audience, staff and everyone to whom you introduce to Daniel will thank you.

Otis Mushonga

Director, Programs & Partnerships

ACCESS Community Capital Fund

Daniel is an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur. He is passionate about what he does all round from making that perfect brew to connecting and interacting with people. It's never a dull moment. He is as genuine as it gets. He's always eager and enthusiastic to take up a new challenge, and sharing is time and talents.



Daniel Lewis

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